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Calvin is a member of the Florida Bar and admitted to practice state law in Florida and federal law throughout the United States of America. Calvin’s practice is dedicated to providing legal solutions for businesses, investors, and immigrants. Calvin is also a Florida-licensed Real Estate Agent, which allows him to help his clients buy, sell, or lease residential and commercial property throughout the state.

Calvin represents all types of clients throughout South Florida, across the U.S., and abroad. Calvin’s real-world business experience enables him to provide practical legal advice for businesses. Calvin’s immigration law practice is focused on helping foreign and U.S. Businesses, Investors, and Skilled Professionals. Since 2015, Calvin has successfully helped his clients obtain U.S. Visas, Residency, and Citizenship. Calvin is fluent in English, Spanish, and Farsi (Persian).

Calvin has worked for the Law Offices of Robert Sheldon, the Brad Sohn Law Firm, the Mena Law Firm, and the Honorable Judge Sarah Zabel. Calvin earned a Juris Doctor from the University of Miami School of Law and received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Florida State University.

  • University of Miami School of Law
  • Florida State University
Professional Affiliations:
  • Florida Bar Member
  • American Immigration Lawyers Association Member
  • Iranian American Foundation
Languages Spoken:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Farsi (Persian)
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